Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I wish summer would come faster.
I finally got my computer back! Hopefully I will be posting more often now. This is a picture of my younger cousin, Erin. We had a little photo shoot a while ago when I did not have my computer, so more pics from that will come soon! :) Enjoy! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

I wish I could go back to being a kid. 
This is a picture I took about a month ago. This is an old barn that is on my driveway. It has been there since my dad was a kid. My dad used to hang out with his brothers in the top floor of the barn. It is too old now for me and my brother and cousins to go to the top now. Our parents won't let us because they think we are going to fall through the floor. My cousins and I spent a lot of time in this barn when we were younger. We would play tag on top of the hay bails, and we would jump from bail to bail. When my grandpa took bails out of the barn for the cows, we would put this long wooden board across the two that were on the sides of the one he had taken and make a bridge with it. We would run across that bridge to get to the other side to get away from my brother, who was usually the one that was it during tag. Sometimes we would go in there and just hang out and talk. I haven't been in there in a while, except for when I did a little photo shoot with my little cousin last weekend, which y'all will see pics from as soon as I get my computer back. Now we are just waiting for it to fall down, but we still use it to put hay bails in for the cows. Now that I am older, when I look at the barn, all I see are memories. I wish I could go back and be 9 years old and play tag in the barn and get yelled at by my mom because me and my brother are tracking hay into the house. Maybe i'll go in there soon with my cousins and hang out. Can't wait to get my computer back to get more pictures on here! (: